Githe Christensen - vocal

Jakob Hug - baritone/alto saxophone

Samuel Zingg - tenor saxophone

Mikael Zacho - guitar

Niels Ryde - bass

Thomas Fahrer - drums


Recorded 28/4/1988 in Lausanne by Espace 2

Recorded and mixed by Blaise Favre and Jean-Pierre Molliet

Photography by Dieter Fahrer

Cover design by Beatrix Nicolai

Production by SWISS'DAN-SHOUT


Tracklist: 1. Cross On You/Slik (Danstrup, arr. Niels Ryde) 2. Sweet Tuka Suite (Jakob Hug) 3. Euroway (Githe Christensen) 4. Dig It?! (Jakob Hug) 5. Unknown Time (Niels Ryde) 6. Roclette (Mikael Zacho)




Artikelnummer: sds1988L
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